middle commercial contracts and installations

Commercial Installation & Contracts

Most commercial installations and contracts are bespoke and knowledge of the building is an important factor when specifying, carrying out installations/works as part of a contract. Because N Price is your number one Brighton and Hove installation resource we have successfully replaced & serviced plant based on clients or consultants specifications and would gladly visit your commercial premises for an informal meeting to discuss your requirements.

Service and Installation

Our service and installation contracts and quotations clearly state in advance what specific commercial services, materials and areas of works in writing to avoid confusion. We also include in that agreement what the hourly rates are for emergency calls and after business hours plumbing calls.

These things will give you confidence when you need to call us for commercial plumbing services, whether those services be routine or an emergency call.

For more information give our Brighton team a call on 01273 840997 or email office@npriceltd.co.uk and we’ll get back to you.