middle bathrooms


A refurbished bathroom can add more than just cash value to your property. A nicely thought out space can make bathroom visits a real pleasure. Modern touches such as led lighting combined with soft lines can make your bathroom a room to be completely proud of.

Here at N Price we are able to offer a comprehensive bathroom installation service, We can remove and dispose of your existing suite, alter the pipework (hot and cold supplies and waste pipes)to suite your new layout, we can add new walls, remove redundant walls, alter electrics and lighting, install extractor fans, arrange tiling, decorate. We are happy to supply the suite through our network of national suppliers, or to install one that you have purchased yourself. Not to say that there is such a thing as a average bathroom refurbishment, but on average we hope to hand the finished suite back after two weeks allowing for drying times, tiling etc.

Start your Bathroom refurbishment now by calling N Price.