Boiler losing pressure? Common causes and how to fix them

Boiler pressure is the balance between air and water that exists in your sealed system. If your boiler loses pressure, then it’s going to affect the performance. So, you’ll notice changes in both your heating and your hot water. To function correctly, your boiler needs the right pressure.

There are numerous reasons why your boiler might lose pressure.


If there’s a leak in the system, then your boiler pressure will drop. You will need to make sure that you identify the leak and then fix it. A Gas Safe registered engineer will be able to complete this job for you and ensure a leak doesn’t cause anymore issues.

Leaks in the boiler are less common than a leak in the system. This is usually due to a boiler that is past its sell by date and that may even have issues with corrosion. To check for this, you need to remove the cover. If you notice signs of water, then it’s likely this is the culprit.

Faulty Parts

A boiler might also lose pressure because of a faulty party. Usually, this will be an internal component, so you won’t be able to spot it yourself. You’ll need to call the pros.

The good news is that boiler pressure isn’t dangerous. But it will impact whether your home remains a comfortable and happy place. No one wants to hear screams from the bathroom when the shower goes cold! That’s why if you spot a problem with your pressure, you should call an expert to check it out as soon as possible.