How a new boiler can save you money

Newer boilers all have one thing in common. Their designs are far more efficient than boilers from previous generations. They can heat up your home in a flash, provide plenty of hot water and save you money.

Future charges?

The government is trying to hit its carbon-neutral targets. Older inefficient boilers could be a target in future. So, to save yourself from higher fuel charges, a new boiler with a lower carbon footprint is something to consider installing.

Showering, washing, cleaning

When you have a busy family home, having enough hot water is a real issue. A new boiler can provide you with as much hot water you need for your washing machine, dishwasher and shower or bath.

Cold breakdown

Older models are much more likely to break down due to the cold. A newer model won’t be at the mercy of the elements, so you can avoid having to call out an emergency heating engineer who will charge you through the nose.

Faster heating

Old boilers take their time heating up your home when you turn them on. A new boiler is more efficient and thus, has a quicker response time. Going from a start to your desired temperature, takes less time no matter the ambient temperature.

Lower setting

You don’t have to set your boiler too high for it to make your home nice and toasty. A modern boiler can be set to a lower setting and maintain its temperature without fluctuations, saving you money.

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