Simple checks to carry out when you don’t have hot water

There’s nothing worse than running out of hot water at home. Whether it is in the middle of winter or in summertime, not having hot water can impact us in a number of ways.
But what do you do when you realise you have no hot water? Well, we are here to tell you a few of the things you should check for when you spot a problem.

Malfunctioning thermostat

Most of the time when you have an emergency and run out of hot water, it is not actually a boiler problem at all. If you have a thermostat on the wall of your living room that is battery powered – sometimes the fix for your issue is simply changing the batteries to kick in your thermostat once more. If this does work, this can be a great little hack and will save you splurging on repairs.

Leaking boiler

One of the issues that a boiler may come across during its time is a leaking tank. As you have a boiler for years and years, it will become less efficient, and wear and tear will take its toll. A leaking tank will prevent the boiler filling up with enough water – and as a result the water heater won’t do its job. Check this and make sure you have no wet patches anywhere.

A water valve issue

If you look closely at your boiler, you will notice a dial on the side of it which measures the water pressure inside the tank at all times. As gas is used to heat up your water, keeping this pressure steady is important. If you have noticed a drip in pressure on your dial – this indicates a possible leak or valve issue and this is where a Gas Safe registered should be called.