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Underfloor heating gives you flexibility, it gives you the freedom to furnish your rooms without compromise, does not take up any wall space and there are no awkward radiators and due to its nature there are less dust borne particles which would better suit people with allergies.

Underfloor heating is becoming the norm. We have successfully installed ‘wet’ underfloor heating systems in a variety of different homes and properties. Ranging from complete new builds to refurbishments, extensions, rooms in the roof, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, lofts and barns. And the feedback is fantastic – reports of kids lying down and absorbing the warm floor, to pets having favourite spots and it’s a real buzz for our installers to leave really happy customers. Underfloor heating is becoming extremely popular and our customers that have had it fitted love it and the product sells itself.

What if the pipes leaks?

A correctly designed system does not have any joints under the floor and if the leak is due to a manufacturing fault the pipe is covered with a 50 year warranty.

Isn’t underfloor heating just for ground floor?

NO!! Underfloor heating can be fitted in almost every situation.

Is it safe for Pets & Children?

Absolutely, the water is circulated in the system at a low temperature and is completely safe for pets and children. The floor covering should not exceed 30 Degrees which is approximately that of your hand temperature.

If you have any questions regarding underfloor heating please feel free to get in touch either by phone or by filling in our contact us page.

We are happy to help design, supply, install and commission all types of ‘wet’ underfloor heating projects, We are able to calculate whether additional heat sources are required to heat the space and the best product for the job leaving you to get on with things in a normal way! N Price are experts in underfloor heating and can cover all your needs.

Looking for underfloor heating experts?

Our experienced and helpful staff are always happy to help.

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